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4 Reasons Why Escape Rooms Have Grown in Popularity

There is likely an escape room near you. As they have grown in popularity over recent years, with there being about 1,800 escape rooms in the United States as of 2017, escape rooms have found their footing by offering something to every demographic. This means that families are able to go and enjoy an escape room together just as much as a couple on a date or a group on a corporate retreat would. Even birthday parties are great at an escape room, as an escape room for kids offers excitement throughout. Furthermore, because there are so many escape rooms that have popped up in recent years, there tends to be an escape room near most population centers, be it an escape room near Chicago or an escape room near Gurnee, IL.

Here are a few of the factors that have made escape rooms so popular in recent years.

They Are a Great Way for People to Bond

By their nature, escape rooms are a challenge that you need to work out. Most of the time, these puzzles are best solved by two or more people. This comes back to different people having different strengths and weaknesses, and certain escape rooms are designed to require multiple people to complete. Whatever the case, it makes escape rooms an amazing team-building exercise. A couple or a group of friends who come to do an escape room can build a stronger bond than they had before while practicing how to work together to solve problems in an incredibly fun environment. Even for something like a corporate retreat, they’re great because they help co-workers see each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

They Act as a Mind Exercise

It’s important to keep your mind sharp, be it by reading, completing puzzles, or eating healthy. Going to an escape room near you is one of the most fun ways to keep your mind sharp, as it forces you to think critically and quickly, but does so in an entertaining environment. This means that you’ll be keeping your mind sharp while having fun at the same time. This is important, as keeping a healthy mind as you age will help you maintain a similar quality of life to what you have always enjoyed.

It Will Give You a Rush of Adrenaline

Some people may wonder, why not just play puzzle games at home? They can be done as a group while working your mind. Yes, this is true. However, by staying home, you miss out on some of the best parts of the escape room. The first is the rush of adrenaline that comes from making it out of the room. When you’re home, if you can’t figure out a puzzle, you can set it aside. However, in an escape room, you need to solve the puzzles to make it out of the room. This gives you a rush of adrenaline that can’t be replicated but is a thrill to you all of the same. Furthermore, once you make it out of the room, you’ll even have a sense of accomplishment to go with that adrenaline rush.

You Can Enjoy Intricate Theming

One of the best, if not the best, parts of an escape room is the theming. These escape rooms are fully immersive, putting you into another world, which you aren’t able to get outside of that escape room environment. However, with options from candy shops to noir private investigator’s offices, the options are limitless for participants. This theming helps take people into the moment and make them feel like they’re in a particular world at a certain time. It makes the puzzles feel more real, more important, and more challenging. Truly, without the theming, escape rooms would not be as popular or as special as they are today.

Finding a great option for an escape room near you should not be difficult because of their increasing popularity. It’s well worth finding one. After all, that escape room near you may help you bond with someone or simply become your new favorite activity.

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