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Looking for an Excellent Team Building Activity? Try Escape Rooms

Escape rooms have been the perfect venue for corporate team building since they were first introduced in Japan in 2007. Today, corporate clients account for 19% of escape room customers. Escape rooms are immersive role-playing games that require players to work in unison to solve a puzzle in a set amount of time. Players are locked in a room, and once they solve the mystery in time, they are set free. If you think about it, escape rooms are a replica of what happens in business -- you set a target for your teams, and once they achieve it, there's a bonus or some other form of reward.

Let's see how escape room challenges strengthen cooperation among team members.

Escape Room Games Enhances Problem-Solving Skills

Normally, in the office setup, employees tend to play their respective roles independently. Since most of the work is repetitive, there may be no new challenges that test your employees' problem-solving skills. However, escape room games require players to engage their problem-solving and critical thinking skills. The escape room experience jolts team members out of their comfort zones by stretching their creativity and analytical thinking skills. It's the perfect time for team leaders to assess each of their member's strengths and weaknesses. When faced with tough challenges in business, companies will leverage their teams' strengths to navigate a crisis.

Escape Rooms Encourages Cooperation and Cultivates Effective Communication

Escape room games are designed to cultivate the "we're in this boat together" spirit. Players have to coordinate to solve a puzzle within a set amount of time, otherwise, they all lose. Escape room experiences discourage individuality among team members. They foster cooperation over competition, which is vital in achieving a common goal. The spirit of working together towards a common goal is what makes a company successful.

Escapes rooms also promote effective communication among employees. In solving the puzzle, all players have to check up with each other to ensure they all move together. It's in such scenarios that a company can evaluate the leadership and communication skills of each member. Escape room games bring out the best qualities in each player. Knowing each member's best qualities in your team will help you allocate relevant roles to each employee. When every employee in your company is allocated the role they can perform best, you'll experience more success in the long term.

Helps Team Members Assess Each Other’s Abilities

When solving an escape room puzzle, members come together face-to-face. This gives every player a chance to experience first-hand how their colleagues deal with challenges and conflicts. Naturally, people deal with new challenges differently. Some may panic or give up in the face of a challenging puzzle, while others will hold down the fort and look for solutions. When your employees have identified each team member's strengths and weaknesses, they can work together to complement each other. This is vital for the success of any company. You may find that one employee has brilliant ideas but lacks execution skills, while another has strong critical thinking skills but poor leadership skills. When each person in a team is aware of every member's abilities, they'll be less work-based conflicts.

Escape Rooms Are Fun and Also Engage Members Physically

With escape rooms, it's not only about developing problem-solving skills. Escape room locations have different fun and engaging games, such as exploring tombs and treasure search. Escape rooms provide a much-needed break from the humdrum nine to five schedule that can wear down your employees. It's a fun way for corporate team building that strengthens bonds amongst work colleagues. Unlike other corporate building activities, such as executive dinners, which are mostly passive, escape games stimulate both mental and physical activity from the players.

Escape rooms are convenient for corporate team building because they don't require much planning. You can easily book an escape room near you and have your team enjoy different escape room games. You may book a 15-minute room, mini-games, or 60 minutes rooms –- whichever is convenient for your team.

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