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Why You Need To Add An Escape Room To Your Weekend Plans

Research shows that, as a nation, we were growing tired of old pastimes, like seeing a movie at the movie theater, long before the brunt of the pandemic hit. Americans are looking for new, exciting ways to enjoy a night out on the town, and businesses are rising to meet these new expectations. For example, axe throwing centers and escape rooms are popping up all across the country.

Find out why escape rooms are one of the latest trends, and why you should definitely add an escape room to your plans this weekend.

1. It's Something New

Experiencing something new is not only a preference. There are tangible benefits to mixing things up and setting aside the time to experience something new. What are they?

  • New experiences demand your full attention. "New experiences... take more time to process, making time appear to last longer," Life Hacker writers. In other words, when you experience something new, you are fully present. Devoting careful attention to what's happening now puts an end to rumination, or going over past events or troubling thoughts over and over again.

  • New experiences build brainpower. For decades, scientists assumed that mental and intellectual deterioration with age were inevitable. Now, science shows that you can stop this from happening by working your brain like a muscle. This is called neuroplasticity. One way to work that muscle or to exercise your brain is to have new experiences. New experiences are processed and stored differently in our brains, making them more memorable. Experiencing new, memorable things strengthens memory formation and works wonders for your brain over time.

  • These experiences slow down time... okay, so not literally. However, you will certainly feel as if time is moving slower. When we do something that we do every day or something we do over and over again, the days can easily get away from us. That is how months and years pass by so quickly. New experiences jolt us out of that automatic, almost robot-like fog, giving us seemingly more moments to cherish.

2. Escape Rooms Challenge Your Intellect

Most of the things we do for fun are passive activities. It does not take any smarts to watch a movie and eat popcorn or go out to eat at a restaurant.

Escape rooms blend fun and problem-solving. Participants explore the room, find clues, and follow those clues to ultimately get out of the room.

Book an escape room for an experience that is fun and engaging -- and challenges you to use your brain.

3. Staff Embrace Safe COVID-19 Guidelines

As with other businesses and establishments, escape room locations are taking precautions in the midst of COVID-19. What does that look like?

Escape room staff members are encouraging patrons to book rooms with smaller groups with family members or roommates only. Alternatively, some locations are booking fewer rooms or experiences per day to ensure social distancing.

Rooms are thoroughly cleaned before and after each group. Staff members wear masks and ask patrons to kindly wear masks as well. When available, hand sanitizer will be placed in common areas.

4. Escape Rooms Are Family-Friendly

Escape rooms serve up plenty of fun for adults, but it's worth noting that you can easily find an escape room for kids, too! Kids can take part in most escape room experiences. Most rooms are appropriate for all ages.

Kids may need a little bit of assistance from a parent or adult in the 60-minute escape rooms. There are mini games and short, 15-minute escape rooms for parents or children who would like to test run the experience first.

The facts are pretty clear. Some newer entertainment options are not family-friendly. It more than stands to reason that you do not want to take your seven-year-old to an axe throwing class. Thankfully, there are family-friendly alternatives, like escape rooms.

5. Escape Rooms Are Festive

Escape rooms celebrate the holidays! For Halloween, there are spooky, haunted house-inspired escape room experiences, and rooms are filled with festive decor. Similarly, there are festive decorations and themes during the Christmas season as well.

Need plans this weekend? Look no further than your local escape room! Choose an escape room for a challenging and festive experience that is fun for the whole family.

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